Thursday, 7 May 2009

Europe day

The Europe day is the 9th May, it has become in the European symbol with the European flag, slogan and the European anthem. On 9th May, 1950, Robert Schuman presented the Schuman’s declaration, it explains the organization of UE. Europe celebrates this day with the European anthem, a parade of flags of European countries, European songs and European dances. The European anthem is “ Oda a la alegria”. The European slogan is “Joined in the diversity”. And this is the European flag.

Marina Jaume
Nerea Caldés
Col·legi Madre Alberta

Wednesday, 6 May 2009


Do you know that... ?

There are twelve stars because the numer twelve is the number of the perfection, complete and unit.

This is not only the European Union anthem, it’s also the European anthem.The melody comes from the Ninth Symphony composed in 1823 by Ludwig Van Beethoven. (clic here to hear the anthem)

United in diversity” is the motto of the European Union.
The motto means that, Europeans are united in working together for peace and prosperity, and that the many different cultures, traditions and languages in Europe are a positive thing for the continent.

The euro notes are identical in all countries but each country has its own coins with one common side and one side with a distinctive national emblem.

Mar Estarellas
Elisa Montes
Col·legi Madre Alberta

What is Europe Day?

You may have come across a reference in a diary or elsewhere to the fact that 9 May is "Europe Day" and perhaps asked about its significance.Probably very few people in Europe know that on 9 May 1950 the first move was made towards the creation of what is now known as the European Union.In Paris that day, against the background of the threat of a Third World War engulfing the whole of Europe, the French Foreign Minister Robert Schuman read to the international press a declaration calling France, Germany and other European countries to pool together their coal and steel production as "the first concrete foundation of a European federation". What he proposed was the creation of a supranational European Institution, charged with the management of the coal and steel industry, the very sector which was, at that time, the basis of all military power. The countries which he called upon had almost destroyed each other in a dreadful conflict which had left after it a sense of material and moral desolation.Everything, therefore, began that day. That is why during the Milan Summit of EU leaders in 1985 it was decided to celebrate 9 May as "Europe Day".Every country which democratically chooses to accede to the European Union endorses its fundamental values of peace and solidarity. These values find expression through economic and social development embracing environmental and regional dimensions which are the guarantees of a decent standard of living for all citizens.While Europe as such has existed for centuries, the elements which united it, in the absence of rules and institutions, have in the past been insufficient to prevent the most appalling tragedies.The integration of Europe will not come about in one day or even in a few decades. Deficiencies are still numerous and there are evident imperfections. The project which was begun just after the Second World War is still very new. In the past, efforts at European union were based on domination of one group over another. These attempts could not last, because those who had been conquered had only one aspiration: to regain their freedom.Today's ambition is completely different: to build a Europe which respects freedom and the identity of all of the people which compose it. Only by uniting its peoples can Europe control the mastery of its destiny and develop a positive role in the world.The European Union is at the service of its citizens. While keeping their own specific values, customs and language, European citizens should feel at ease in the "European home".

Rebeca Razquin

Col·legi Madre Alberta


Happy day of Europe:

Why do we celebrate the day of Europe?

On May 9, 1950th, Robert Schuman presented his offer for the creation of an organized Europe, indispensable requirement for the maintenance of pacific relations.

This offer known as " Declaration Schuman ", is considered to be the germ of the creation of what nowadays is the European Union.

On May 9 there has turned into the European symbol (Day of Europa) that, together with the flag, the anthem, the motto and the unique currency (the Euro) they identify the political entity of the European Union.
In the Day of Europe there are celebrated activities and feasts that bring Europe over to his citizens and relate the different peoples(villages) of the Union.

Laura Giménez Álvarez

Cristina Carballeira

Col·legi Madre Alberta



During 59 years on the 9th of May it’s celebrated the day of Europe. This day Robert Schumman presented his offer for an organized Europe.

From this day, the day of Europa, it has turned into the European symbol; besides the flag, the anthem, the motto... it has turned into the political entity of the European Union.

On the 9th of May there are celebrated activities that bring Europe over to its habitants who live on the European Union.

Maria Cerdá

Irene Cutillas

Col·legi Madre Alberta



The 9th of may, we celebrate Europe’s day.

Anthem, symbols and flags, in this day comes back.

We also remember the peace, in a day like this.

With the euro we pay, our food everyday.

We want to express with one word, the union of the world: UE.
With the best wishes, happy Europe’s day!!!
Paula Estévez
Natalia Cózar
Col·legi Madre Alberta

Poem of Europe Day

The 9 of May
is the Europe day.

All the europe lands participate in this celebration
because the lands are a unification.

The euro is the currency symbol of the European unity,
and it is used for almost the whole lands community.

The 9 of May 1950 was the date of Schuman Declaration,
and it is also the Europe Day celebration.

Another symbol of Europe is the flag,
which is blue with yellow stars.

The 9 of May
is the Europe day
and you can come to celebrate it.

Adelaida Hernaiz
Col·legi Madre Alberta



Wouldn’t you like to know Europe?
Europe is a place you’ll definitely love
With the sea and the mountains and the stars above
I’m sure you’ll find the treasure cove
Europe is a bond between the people of the world.

Wouldn’t you like to know Europe?
From London to Paris,
From Prague to Madrid,
From Berlin to Rome,
Europe is a place you’ll definitely love.

Wouldn’t you like to know Europe?
Europe is a place full of culture
Where you can discover the secrets of nature
You’ll enjoy the peace brought by the dove
Europe is a place you’ll definitely love.

Sofia Diamandopoulos
Aina Torres
Col·legi Madre Alberta