Thursday, 11 December 2008

La Reserva del Puig de Galatzó

My favourite place in Majorca is situated in the south-west of the island, in the municipal district of Puigpunyent, and called La Reserva del Puig de Galatzó.It is a place very green, there are waterfalls and you can have a lot of adventures. I like to go there with my family and my friends in the spring and summer. You can swim in any of the waterfall-pools there but what I really love is the adventure because with my friends I can go abseiling, climbing or crossing over rope-bridges. The animals, donkeys, rabbits and birds can be touched and fed. At mid-day there is a show with birds of prey and there you can have a picnic with all the family and friends in a special place were you can make a fire and have a barbecue. This is my favourite place to spend a good day.

Natàlia Garaña Cunill
Col·legi Madre Alberta

"Cala Blava"

My favorite place is Cala Blava

I like this place very much, because it has very beautiful sea views. There are beautiful houses; also there are beautiful buildings where a lot of people go on holiday. There is a small mountain where you have a very nice sea views and you can see dolphins. In this mountain you can go camping.

Personally, what I like most is sea views because I like the sea very much. There is a small beach where the water is very blue and also there is a small bar. Anybody that goes there will like it very much.

Kerly Cabrera Villavicencio


Col·legi Madre Alberta

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

"Las Gaviotas" Alcudia Beach

My favourite place is “Las Gaviotas”, situated in the North of Majorca, in the area of Alcudia beach.

This place is where I feel good, where you can either read a book quietly or have a good time with the people from the place. But the best thing is when you arrive at the beach and you see the bay surrounded by mountains while a soft breeze caresses you, which is always welcomed in summertime. The crystalline waters also invite you to jump from the wooden mooring which ends far away from the shore, where parents fish with their sons in a relaxed atmosphere.

Just a moment… what are we talking about? Rewind… the truth is that I like Alcudia beach because, apart from what I already mentioned, I can also meet my friends and go swimming or jump from that same wooden mooring to a buoy which is far away from the beach. When nightime arrives one can go out to the best nightclubs or go to a concert.

That’s Alcudia beach!

Elisa Garcia Braem


Col·legi Madre Alberta 

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

My favourite place is...

A nice way to introduce oneself could be writing some words about our favourite places from the region we live in.

Tell the rest of your Comenius' mates what's your favourite place in Alsace, in Mallorca or in Ober Pfalz.

If you want to participate in this activity you have to write a short essay about your favourite place and e-mail it to your Comenius teacher and she/he will post it in this blog.