Thursday, 29 January 2009

A nice corner in Sant Joan

It’s a place where not many people go… it’s my grandparent’s plot of land. 

It’s a quiet place with very few neighbors.

It’s a place where you can relax and think without worries.

It’s a green place because there isn’t any electricity and my grandpas use the solar panels.

It’s an ideal place to do sports, trekking on the mountains (it’s ideal to walk) ride a bike, run…

I mainly love it because it's a quiet place, the views are very beautiful, there aren’t any noises and especialy because in the diferent seasons there are diferent colours. 

Green in winter, many diferent colours in spring, yellow in summer and diferent sorts of  brown in autumn. 

Maria Arbós Cabot


Col·legi Madre Alberta

Thursday, 22 January 2009

Freystadt - my favourite place


today I'd like to tell tell you something about Freystadt. Freystadt is a small city close to Neumarkt. It has a area of 80,53km² and 8795 inhabitants. It has very much communities: They are called for example Aßlschwang, Rohr, Richthof,
Burggriesbach, Schmellnricht,Forchheim, ... - these are all small villages ... close to Freystadt.

Important places are, the shopping centers, the "Maria Hilf" church, the schools , a natural swimming pool and the new markt place.
The postcode is 92342.

If you want to see the mark place, look there:

This is our city's crest:

If you want to see the whole city look here:

Christoph Körner, class 8d, KRS NM

Volksfest Time in August!!! A big fair each year!!

The Jura Volksfest - the biggest fair in and around Neumarkt!!

There you'll have a great time!

Now I´ll tell you something about the biggest annual festival in Neumarkt.
There were in 2008 about 250.000 people, this is a new record for the city of Neumarkt.
There you'll find quite a lot of fairground rides(Fahrgeschäften) and celebrated.
Last year it was on from the 7th.-17th August.
There played eleven bands (show, rock and folk). 1 liter of beer cost 5,40€.
At the beginning and at the end of the festival there are each year big fireworks.
This is the best time of the year - and it's during our school holidays.
The fairground has a area of 13000 m².
In the beergarden there can sit about 5000 people.
There are the two festival halls which are crowded with visitors from all over Bavaria.
The first festival was in 1850.
On the last day of this fair there is the famous horse market. There are horses and quite a lot of people, too.
On the area were about 10 big rides and very much little rides, last year - so you can have really great fun there.
You can eat there very much different food, for example a big Breze(Breze), a famous Bavarian food.

If you want to find out more about this big event please have a look at the following websites:

Watch the Video please:

There are some photos:

Christoph Körner, class 8d, KRS NM

Nuremberg Central Station

Hi it's me again - Daniel!
Today I want to tell you sth. about the Nürnberg central station.
Nürnberg is a metropolis very close to our city (Neumarkt);
it takes about 20-30 minutes to go there by train.
The train station is not just a normal train station.
There are 21 tracks and every day there travel about 130,000 people with 466 trains.
It is 20.214 m² big and has 4 Flors.
The opening was in 1844.
In the trains station there is a shopping mall with about 60 stores.
You can go shopping there from 8 am to -9 pm.
You might go there and get a new hair cut or just sit in an internet café, do your bank businesses; there are various phone shops, flower stores and so on.
The building is 165 m large and 70 m wide and the highest point is 35 m high.
It also has a connection with the subway U2 and an s-bahn.

Daniel Dambietz, class 8d, KRS NM

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

The most beautiful Golf Course - around Neumarkt

Golf course: Hilzhofen

Hi I´m Kevin from Germany and I want to tell you something about my favourite place in our region.

It´s the golf course in Hilzhofen near Neumarkt.

I only have to walk some metres till I reach the big site. It was built in 1992 and was finished on my birthday, in September 1993. The main season for golfing there lasts from March to November. It was very expensive to build this big golfing area.

In the club there is a restaurant, too. It´s called “Il Golosone”. There is only Italian food. You can eat pizza, spaghetti or veal chop. But veal chop is the only German food you´ll get there.

If I´m bored I really like to go to the golf course because it´s very relaxing. You have to pay a lot of money but it´s worth it. You can play nine or eighteen holes. Sometimes there are competitions. But if you aren´t a good golf player you shouldn´t participate. The best players from Bavaria take part in these competitions.

If you are not as good at playing golf you could go to the “neighbouring" golf academy. There you can learn how to play golf. There are about ten golf teacher who will show you how to become a good player. If you are male then you have to go 5810 metres and if you are female you have to walk 5183 metres. You can see, that you can lose weight, too, if you practice golf regularly.

That are the main reasons why I like this golf course so much.

You have fun and stay fit, too!!

Kevin Öchsl, class 9c, KRS Neumarkt

"The Wolfstein Castle" - our town's landmark

The history of the castle “Wolfstein”

The origins of the castle, still, lie in darkness.

One thing is sure, however, at about 1120 a certain Ulrich V was there.

After the present archaeological findings the castle was established in the late Staufer time (1st half till the middle of the 13th century) as an imperial ministerial seat.
Since 1283 this landmark of Neumarkt was called after the "Wolfstein" family.
In the 14th century the Wolfstein family could increase its possessions in the neighbourhood of the castle more and more.
From king Karl the IV the family got in 1349 the privilege of beeing allowed to build a town below the castle, with all rights a middle aged town at that time had.

From the middle of the 14th century on two famlilies had to share the possessions of the castle, however, which appeared to be very difficult.

In 1434 they received from emperor Sigismund a privilege after which the castle and all people there should have the same rights as the town Neumarkt and its citizens.

This imperial privilege was above all also directed against the "Wittelsbacher" princes who wanted to enforce their ruling over the area.

In spite of all rivalry between Wolfstein and Wittelsbach sovereigns there were also periods of good cooperation.

Above all Friedrich v. Wolfstein often stood in sovereign services; among other things he was also active as a princely advice for the count palatine and Dane's king Christof.
His "loyal services" gave him in 1442 the "high jurisdiction" privilege about the castle district and two other villages.

The Wolfsteiner could not profit from this power increase, nevertheless, very long.

The pressure on the Wolfsteiner rule became obvious under count palatine Otto I.

Now that was a little part of the history of Wolfstein.

Tobias Fürst, class 9c, KRS Neumarkt

Monday, 19 January 2009

Möninger "Berg" (hill) - the secret place!!!!

Möniger Berg - The secret place!
Now I`ll tell you something about a secret place, where there is no noise and where you can do extreme sports, too.
Only a couple of people know, that you can do extreme sports there.
We ride with the bikes so fast, that we easily jump more than 3 meters wide.
On the Möinger "hill" there are a lot of trees and you can cycle there, if you are very good at cycling, but you must be careful.
There is no track anywhere,and you can you hurt yourself very quickly.
We don't wear a helmet. When we ride, we try to do some tricks and we have fun!
On the hill is a church from where you can have a wunderful view over the countryside.
There are events every year. For example there is a classic-concert.
The "mountain" is 600 meters high.
I can´t show pictures of us while cycling there at the moment, because everywhere is snow now so that we can't cycle. We don't ride our bikes whent it's raining either.
In winter you can sledge with sleighs or ski if there is enough snow.

Christoph Körner, class 8d, KRS Neumarkt

ICE HOCKEY - our favourite sport

*Ice hockey*

by Christoph Körner und Daniel Dambietz, class 8d, KRS Neumarkt

So here is some information about the extreme sport Ice hockey.
Normally the teams consist of 22 players. Only 6 players can be on the ice, the other players have to stay outside the field. The ice rink is about 56 m long and about 26m.
A game lasts 60 minutes divided into 3 parts.
After every post there is a break of 15 minutes.

*Something about the field:*
On the right and on the left side are goals. They both are about 122cm high and 183cm long. Each goal has a goalkeeper. The field has 5 parts. The bluelines are the attack-, the Neutral-, and the Defence zone.
Every player can go everywhere on the ice, except on the neutral field age the door.


*Time-out*: every team has one time-out of 30 seconds in one game

*Penalty shot*: the performer can move from the middle line, to the goalkeeper, and try to shoot a goal, but he isn't allowed to go back. The Penalty shot ends after a shoot. The game will be continued with a Bully.

*Bully*: One player from each teams goes in the middle and tries to get the puck.

*Offside*: While playing to the opposite goal at the same time as the puck must cross the line before or opponent player or at the same time with the first attacked player the blue line.

*Icing*: Is when the puck crosses the red middle line and the opposing goalline directly or indirectly. Then the referee will whistle because of the No-Touch-Icing-Rule.

It isn't allowed to shoot or pass the puck with a high-sticking (over theshoulder height) and to pass with the hand, too.

*Penalty:*Small penalty (2 min) / small bank penalty (2 minutes against the team)

* Small to medium fine / penalty Bank (2 + 2 min)

* Medium + disciplinary punishment (2 + 10 min)

* Large penalty (5 min + automatically playing Disciplinary Punishment)

* Disciplinary penalty (10 min)

* Run-disciplinary punishment (possibly playing + game lock (s))

* Match Penalty (5 min + + Run at least 1 game ban)

* Penalty shot (penalty)

The "Franken Center" - my favourite shopping mall!!

Franken Centre, the most beautiful place:
My favourite place in Bavaria is the Franken Centre.
It is in Nuernberg and it's a big shopping centre.
There you can have everything you want or need. It is a place where very many people go to for shopping; it has a big glass roof. It's perfect if you just want to relax, too.
There are three floors with an area of 40.000 qm.
You can go there by car, train, bus, and tram. There are about 100 shops.
There are often gigs in the centre.
The Franken Centre has a .
I hope that this sounds interesting?!

Christoph Körner and Daniel Dambietz, class 8d, KRS Neumarkt

The "Palm Beach" - Adventure Pool in Nürnberg

My favourite place is the ,"Palm Beach“ in Nürnberg!

There you can relax and you can have fun!! There is just everything: a diving platform, 3 different pools(one pool makes waves, the other is good for the body - spa and wellness- and the last pool is a big whirlpool), an outdoor playground and my lovely place is near the glides, they have 5 different types of them.
You can go to a solarium or you can go to the restaurant of this place.
The one thing that isn´t good and correct is the very expensive entrance fee, it is too much!!!
A day in this resort place "The Palm Beach" is like a holiday on the beach to me because I have never been in holidays, so far )-: ....
There would be much more to say about this place - I only told you now what I like on it!!!!!
For more Information:

Renè Daller, class 8d, KRS Neumarkt

Pölling - my favourite place!!

Hi my name is Daniel,
and I am from a little village near Neumarkt called Pölling.
I want to tell you something about my home village:
The distance from Neumarkt to Pölling is 3 km. 3000 people live there.

There are many sport activities.
There is a soccer club and tennis court which also is owned by a club. Pölling has special kind of sport. This sport is very, very special in Neumarkt and the farer region.
It is “American football”.

In the village there are also shops and businesses.
There is our famous bakery called “Feihl”. Special is that the bakery head office is in Pölling. "Feihl" actually is a quite big company with many branches all over Bavaria.
There also a butcher here. We have two banks. It is the “Raiffeisen Bank” and the “Sparkassen Bank”. A little magazine shop is also there. It sells magazines and tobacco products and many other things. A flower store with many wonderful and different kinds of flowers we have here.
And many other kinds of shops and business is here in Pölling like a doctor, bike store, two hairdressers and so on.

We have a Catholic church here. Everyday there are church services. Next to it is our library.
But it isn’t very big. A larger library is in Neumarkt.

We also have a school and a kindergarten.
For young girls and boys there are one or two events on each month, maybe a movie evening, a party or something else. But if you were 16 or older you can drive to the two discos in Neumarkt.
How you can come there???
You can go by bus, but that doesn't work at night. It only goes during the day. But this is no problem, because Pölling has also a train station, were you can drive to Neumarkt to the discos at night or generally to see the city, shopping or something else.
Is that not enough, you can easily go by train to the next biggest city called Nürnberg.
It takes you not more than half an hour to go to Nürnberg.

I hope I could give you some interesting information about my home village.
I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

Daniel Dambietz, class 8d, KRS Neumarkt

Hausheim! The funny but crazy place :-)!

my name is Tobias.
I am from Hausheim near Neumarkt and I like our little village with about 500 citizens very much!!
We have a big playground with a volleyball and soccer field there.
In summer we do sports there every day. I play soccer, baseball,volleyball or I just meet my friends to chill there together ;-)!!
In winter our little village "hill" is a good place for skiing or sleding downhill on the snow.
Behind Hausheim is a big hill called “Dillberg”(595 m high) there you have a wonderfull view and sometimes when the sun is shining and when the sky is blue or at sunset this place is like in a dream!!!
It is also a good place for for cycling or driving downhill with the mountainbike the deep tracks through the woods are just great fun and kind of adventurous - funny but crazy.(Check smile :-)!

Tobias Fürst, class 9c, KRS-NM

Tyrolsberg - A small village but a big history!!

may I introduce myself first:
My name is Johannes Moosburger, I’m 15 years old and I go to the “Knaben Real Schule “ in Neumarkt. Every day I have to go by bus to school. But the trip lasts only 10 minutes from our house to school. In Munich or other big cities it could be much longer.
For my whole life, I have been living in this (Tyrolsberg) most beautiful village in the world.
The name of our little village is Tyrolsberg, and today there live about 200 inhabitants, around our Catholic chapel and our snuggish pub.
OK, some others describe Tyrolsberg as a little spot in the middle of nowhere.
But on the other hand others like it very much, and so do I.

But first, let me tell you something about the history about my village.
In 1280 it was the first time that Tyrolsberg was mentioned in a tax list. That time, Tyrolsberg was owned by two peers: Albrecht von Wolfstein and his brother Gotfried von Wolfstein.
Both lived in a knight´s castle, about 5 km away, east of Tyrolsberg and the castle was placed on a big rock about 300 m above the little town of Neumarkt.
Today the knight´s castle “Wolfstein“ is only a ruin, but the big tower is in good order.
From top of the tower, you have a good view even to the farmland of Tyrolsberg.

The castle ruin Wolfstein with it´s tower.
Some historians think that Tyrolsberg had been a little grange at that difficult time of the middle ages.
More than 300 years later, in the year 1611, already 6 farms had been existing there and they were a part of the monastery Seligenporten. You can find this on an old map-document of the monastery.
Monastery Seligenporten
But back to today.
Our village is special, and – let´s say, a little bit famous for its big old oak in the middle of Tyrolsberg. The big tree must be about 400 years old or even more.
Under the oak there was a small grotto built with a statue of the Virgin Mary inside.
Just have a look to the following picture.
It appears beautiful and seems to have some kind of a touch of romance.

Because of this small grotto the people of Tyrolsberg organize a big festival for two or three days, every year in May. On that weekend nearly all the villagers are on their feet, Bavarian music is playing all the time, you can have lot of barbecue food, good tasting domestic beer from big beer mugs and it is also usual that there are offered home-made cakes and coffee. A lot of people or complete families come and celebrate the festival together with us.
Interesting for tourists for example is our little church

and a fountain next to it. The church has a very old altar which was hand-carved and was colored partly with Gold and Silver. The fountain has a bronze statue on it, a copy of the good herdsman.

Because Tyrolsberg is nestling between middle mountains, a lot of forest and a widespread farmland, you will find many, many people walking or hiking around, jogging or biking or doing some other sports in the surrounding of our village. In wintertime it is often possible to practice cross country skiing or to go sledging.
In my free time I´m playing football on our village football field or playing street hockey together with the other kids of the village. That’s perfect, because most of the time there is no car on the street, so it is not dangerous.
You see it is very nice to live in that little village called Tyrolsberg, without any traffic jams or traffic noise, fumes and too much people.
If you like a lot of nature and living next to a paddock, Tyrolsberg would be the right place for you.

Johannes Moosburger , class 9c, KRS Neumarkt

Saturday, 17 January 2009

Something more about Neumarkt

Hi my name is Daniel,

and I live in Pölling which is a borough (more like a village) of Neumarkt.
I want to tell you sth. about me.
I am 14 years old, have got blue eyes, and I am 1.60m tall and have short hair.
My hobbies are volleyball, playing football on the street, cycling and chatting with my friends.
By the way I play volleyball on a team for a club here.
And I go to the Knabenrealschule Neumarkt which is actually a very nice school but - there aren’t girls!!
Next to our school - very close - there is the our city's open-air swimming pool.
It is 993 square meters big and designed for non-swimmers-, swimmers- and there is an adventure basin.
Close to our school is a little lake which is called "Schlossweiher" - "the castle's lake" and this lake is just next to our Girls school!

I hope my little text interested you.

Daniel Dambietz, class 8d, KRS Neumarkt

Friday, 16 January 2009

An ecological swimming pool!

Hi today I was at the ecological swimming pool in Kemnath.
The pool has been here for a long time but many things have changed.
The water now is frozen, so you can go ice-skating. The pool has a chute and two footbridges.
At the edge reed was planted. In spring there swim small newts and water Springer "jump" on the water. The water no longer contains chlorine or other chemicals.
A few years ago, the swimming pool was not as natural as it is now;
once the floor was made of concrete, which after a long time has been cracked and water expired. Now the soil is kind of a plastic film, which is very slippery in the summer.
The whole area around the pool is free of charge. Moreover, the bath has got a baby pool, where there is the water is not any deeper than 40cm.
There is also a large playground with trampolines, 2 swings, a sandbox, a rocker and a kind of water playground that looks like a stream; this stream runs into the baby pool and after that into the main pool. The water is "regenerated" in about 100 m distance.
Again, there is a sled hill were you also can sled.
Right next to the hill, there is a miniature golf course with a basketball court. The outdoor pool is now even more natural as it was then, but behind a partition wall was cleared a large area, where many trees once stood )-;.
You can always find in summer the staff of the Water Watch, a rescue team which is based there to watch the swimmers.
Incidentally, the bath at various depths for nonswimmer (0.70 m-1, 35m) and swimmers (0.70 m-2, 70m) have been built and is designed for people who love the beach and the like nature. On the site we can not ride a bicycle, and no dogs are allowed.
For even more security this year were 2 cameras installed. Unfortunately today, I could no longer take pictures, because it is too dark, but images follow.
That's all for today!!
bye bye René
class 8d, KRS Neumarkt

Freetime in Neumarkt

Hello, I'm Matthias and I'm 15 years old.

My favourite place in Neumarkt

is the soccerfield in Altenhof.

Altenhof is a borough of Neumarkt.

On this soccerfield I often meet friends and we usually chill out there.

Sometimes we also play soccer but in winter it's a little bit too cold for it.

It is a pity, that the gras on this field isn't in a very good condition, I think one should care more about this special place - so that you could play soccer there all through the year.

Next to the soccerfield, there is also a little place, where you can play volleyball, too.

I'm sorry but I don't have any pictures so far of my favourite place.


Matthias Pragner, 8d, KRS Neumarkt

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Hello again from Kemnath!!

Hello again from Kemnath,
today school was wonderful.
After school I went to a friend and we took photos from Kemnath. We have a kindergarten, where I went to, and it is beautiful. Right next to the Kindergarten is a great sled hill where you can perfectly sled. And just next to the sled hill is a small playground, which was renewed. Then there is “The Swan lake” to see, but today there are only ducks.
In Kemnath there are many paddocks and a horse ranch just behind my house. There is a big lawn, sometimes there are wild- living animals to see.
Our village also has a chapel and a stream through the whole of Kemnath flowing; in the summer you can catch frogs.
Kemnath is known for its fountain with the four trees, the fountain is each year at Easter decorated with painted “real” eggs.
Our village (Kemnath) is one kilometre away from the village Postbauer-Heng.
There you can find the Train Station and we have a supermarket in Postbauer-Heng. In addition, there are also two schools, one primary school and a kind of highschool. But the best of Postbauer-Heng is that there is a beautiful toy store.
Renè Daller, class 8d, KRS Neumarkt

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Kemnath - another village near Neumarkt

Hi students and teachers from Mallorca,

My name is René and I´m 14 years old.
I´m from Kemnath, that´s a very small but nice village in Bavaria, near Neumarkt. There I can do things like:
- go to the open air swimming pool,
- go to one of our three playgrounds
and as there is a wonderful and exciting natural forest me and my friends are planning to build a tree house there.
I’ve been living in Kemnath (there are 1000 people living) since 13 years, before I lived in Nuremberg the second biggest city in Bavaria.
My hobbies are: writing letters, driving my bike and listening to the latest song charts.
My school (Staatliche Knabenrealschule Neumarkt i.d Opf) is the BEST, although it´s only a boy school but the teachers are the best they are just cool.
My school is so popular that we needed to construct an annex with six more classrooms in it.
We have over 40 teachers and over 800 pupils.
We can buy our lunch at school. Most of the pupils come by bus. I must go over 10 kilometres by bus. After school I mostly go to the city center in Neumarkt to do some shopping (-:
I hope you can understand my text.
Soon I will send you some photos of my village.


René Daller, class 8d, KRS Neumarkt

Monday, 12 January 2009

Pilsach - a village near Neumarkt - my favourite place

In my opinion the nicest place in the Oberpfalz is "Pilsach".Pilsach is a little village near "Neumarkt" in Bavaria. It*s near the place where I live with my family and my pets. The reason why I like Pilsach so much is because all my friends are living there. Some of them I know scine I was a little child. The only things that you can do in this little village is hanging around with friends and driving with the scooters through the forest. You can also watch a garden which teaches you about flowers and trees. This garden is near the lovely church wich you can see on the picture.

Around Pilsach there are a lot of green areas.Maximilian Odörfer 8 d KRS-Neumarkt

Hello from Germany, Bavaria

to the students and teachers from Mallorca!
Soon students from our school will send
some nice pics and articles about our Bavarian home in the "Oberpfalz" region to you.
Thanks a lot for your articles!
They are really nice!
My colleagues and me, all, wish you a happy and healthy new year 2009 - and all the best, of course, for our Comenius Project.

Andrea Götz, 
English Teacher; Comenius Teacher ;-)