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Tyrolsberg - A small village but a big history!!

may I introduce myself first:
My name is Johannes Moosburger, I’m 15 years old and I go to the “Knaben Real Schule “ in Neumarkt. Every day I have to go by bus to school. But the trip lasts only 10 minutes from our house to school. In Munich or other big cities it could be much longer.
For my whole life, I have been living in this (Tyrolsberg) most beautiful village in the world.
The name of our little village is Tyrolsberg, and today there live about 200 inhabitants, around our Catholic chapel and our snuggish pub.
OK, some others describe Tyrolsberg as a little spot in the middle of nowhere.
But on the other hand others like it very much, and so do I.

But first, let me tell you something about the history about my village.
In 1280 it was the first time that Tyrolsberg was mentioned in a tax list. That time, Tyrolsberg was owned by two peers: Albrecht von Wolfstein and his brother Gotfried von Wolfstein.
Both lived in a knight´s castle, about 5 km away, east of Tyrolsberg and the castle was placed on a big rock about 300 m above the little town of Neumarkt.
Today the knight´s castle “Wolfstein“ is only a ruin, but the big tower is in good order.
From top of the tower, you have a good view even to the farmland of Tyrolsberg.

The castle ruin Wolfstein with it´s tower.
Some historians think that Tyrolsberg had been a little grange at that difficult time of the middle ages.
More than 300 years later, in the year 1611, already 6 farms had been existing there and they were a part of the monastery Seligenporten. You can find this on an old map-document of the monastery.
Monastery Seligenporten
But back to today.
Our village is special, and – let´s say, a little bit famous for its big old oak in the middle of Tyrolsberg. The big tree must be about 400 years old or even more.
Under the oak there was a small grotto built with a statue of the Virgin Mary inside.
Just have a look to the following picture.
It appears beautiful and seems to have some kind of a touch of romance.

Because of this small grotto the people of Tyrolsberg organize a big festival for two or three days, every year in May. On that weekend nearly all the villagers are on their feet, Bavarian music is playing all the time, you can have lot of barbecue food, good tasting domestic beer from big beer mugs and it is also usual that there are offered home-made cakes and coffee. A lot of people or complete families come and celebrate the festival together with us.
Interesting for tourists for example is our little church

and a fountain next to it. The church has a very old altar which was hand-carved and was colored partly with Gold and Silver. The fountain has a bronze statue on it, a copy of the good herdsman.

Because Tyrolsberg is nestling between middle mountains, a lot of forest and a widespread farmland, you will find many, many people walking or hiking around, jogging or biking or doing some other sports in the surrounding of our village. In wintertime it is often possible to practice cross country skiing or to go sledging.
In my free time I´m playing football on our village football field or playing street hockey together with the other kids of the village. That’s perfect, because most of the time there is no car on the street, so it is not dangerous.
You see it is very nice to live in that little village called Tyrolsberg, without any traffic jams or traffic noise, fumes and too much people.
If you like a lot of nature and living next to a paddock, Tyrolsberg would be the right place for you.

Johannes Moosburger , class 9c, KRS Neumarkt

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