Monday, 19 January 2009

Hausheim! The funny but crazy place :-)!

my name is Tobias.
I am from Hausheim near Neumarkt and I like our little village with about 500 citizens very much!!
We have a big playground with a volleyball and soccer field there.
In summer we do sports there every day. I play soccer, baseball,volleyball or I just meet my friends to chill there together ;-)!!
In winter our little village "hill" is a good place for skiing or sleding downhill on the snow.
Behind Hausheim is a big hill called “Dillberg”(595 m high) there you have a wonderfull view and sometimes when the sun is shining and when the sky is blue or at sunset this place is like in a dream!!!
It is also a good place for for cycling or driving downhill with the mountainbike the deep tracks through the woods are just great fun and kind of adventurous - funny but crazy.(Check smile :-)!

Tobias Fürst, class 9c, KRS-NM

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