Monday, 19 January 2009

The "Franken Center" - my favourite shopping mall!!

Franken Centre, the most beautiful place:
My favourite place in Bavaria is the Franken Centre.
It is in Nuernberg and it's a big shopping centre.
There you can have everything you want or need. It is a place where very many people go to for shopping; it has a big glass roof. It's perfect if you just want to relax, too.
There are three floors with an area of 40.000 qm.
You can go there by car, train, bus, and tram. There are about 100 shops.
There are often gigs in the centre.
The Franken Centre has a .
I hope that this sounds interesting?!

Christoph Körner and Daniel Dambietz, class 8d, KRS Neumarkt

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