Wednesday, 21 January 2009

The most beautiful Golf Course - around Neumarkt

Golf course: Hilzhofen

Hi I´m Kevin from Germany and I want to tell you something about my favourite place in our region.

It´s the golf course in Hilzhofen near Neumarkt.

I only have to walk some metres till I reach the big site. It was built in 1992 and was finished on my birthday, in September 1993. The main season for golfing there lasts from March to November. It was very expensive to build this big golfing area.

In the club there is a restaurant, too. It´s called “Il Golosone”. There is only Italian food. You can eat pizza, spaghetti or veal chop. But veal chop is the only German food you´ll get there.

If I´m bored I really like to go to the golf course because it´s very relaxing. You have to pay a lot of money but it´s worth it. You can play nine or eighteen holes. Sometimes there are competitions. But if you aren´t a good golf player you shouldn´t participate. The best players from Bavaria take part in these competitions.

If you are not as good at playing golf you could go to the “neighbouring" golf academy. There you can learn how to play golf. There are about ten golf teacher who will show you how to become a good player. If you are male then you have to go 5810 metres and if you are female you have to walk 5183 metres. You can see, that you can lose weight, too, if you practice golf regularly.

That are the main reasons why I like this golf course so much.

You have fun and stay fit, too!!

Kevin Öchsl, class 9c, KRS Neumarkt

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