Monday, 19 January 2009

The "Palm Beach" - Adventure Pool in Nürnberg

My favourite place is the ,"Palm Beach“ in Nürnberg!

There you can relax and you can have fun!! There is just everything: a diving platform, 3 different pools(one pool makes waves, the other is good for the body - spa and wellness- and the last pool is a big whirlpool), an outdoor playground and my lovely place is near the glides, they have 5 different types of them.
You can go to a solarium or you can go to the restaurant of this place.
The one thing that isn´t good and correct is the very expensive entrance fee, it is too much!!!
A day in this resort place "The Palm Beach" is like a holiday on the beach to me because I have never been in holidays, so far )-: ....
There would be much more to say about this place - I only told you now what I like on it!!!!!
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Renè Daller, class 8d, KRS Neumarkt

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