Monday, 19 January 2009

Pölling - my favourite place!!

Hi my name is Daniel,
and I am from a little village near Neumarkt called Pölling.
I want to tell you something about my home village:
The distance from Neumarkt to Pölling is 3 km. 3000 people live there.

There are many sport activities.
There is a soccer club and tennis court which also is owned by a club. Pölling has special kind of sport. This sport is very, very special in Neumarkt and the farer region.
It is “American football”.

In the village there are also shops and businesses.
There is our famous bakery called “Feihl”. Special is that the bakery head office is in Pölling. "Feihl" actually is a quite big company with many branches all over Bavaria.
There also a butcher here. We have two banks. It is the “Raiffeisen Bank” and the “Sparkassen Bank”. A little magazine shop is also there. It sells magazines and tobacco products and many other things. A flower store with many wonderful and different kinds of flowers we have here.
And many other kinds of shops and business is here in Pölling like a doctor, bike store, two hairdressers and so on.

We have a Catholic church here. Everyday there are church services. Next to it is our library.
But it isn’t very big. A larger library is in Neumarkt.

We also have a school and a kindergarten.
For young girls and boys there are one or two events on each month, maybe a movie evening, a party or something else. But if you were 16 or older you can drive to the two discos in Neumarkt.
How you can come there???
You can go by bus, but that doesn't work at night. It only goes during the day. But this is no problem, because Pölling has also a train station, were you can drive to Neumarkt to the discos at night or generally to see the city, shopping or something else.
Is that not enough, you can easily go by train to the next biggest city called Nürnberg.
It takes you not more than half an hour to go to Nürnberg.

I hope I could give you some interesting information about my home village.
I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

Daniel Dambietz, class 8d, KRS Neumarkt

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