Thursday, 29 January 2009

A nice corner in Sant Joan

It’s a place where not many people go… it’s my grandparent’s plot of land. 

It’s a quiet place with very few neighbors.

It’s a place where you can relax and think without worries.

It’s a green place because there isn’t any electricity and my grandpas use the solar panels.

It’s an ideal place to do sports, trekking on the mountains (it’s ideal to walk) ride a bike, run…

I mainly love it because it's a quiet place, the views are very beautiful, there aren’t any noises and especialy because in the diferent seasons there are diferent colours. 

Green in winter, many diferent colours in spring, yellow in summer and diferent sorts of  brown in autumn. 

Maria Arbós Cabot


Col·legi Madre Alberta

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