Monday, 19 January 2009

ICE HOCKEY - our favourite sport

*Ice hockey*

by Christoph Körner und Daniel Dambietz, class 8d, KRS Neumarkt

So here is some information about the extreme sport Ice hockey.
Normally the teams consist of 22 players. Only 6 players can be on the ice, the other players have to stay outside the field. The ice rink is about 56 m long and about 26m.
A game lasts 60 minutes divided into 3 parts.
After every post there is a break of 15 minutes.

*Something about the field:*
On the right and on the left side are goals. They both are about 122cm high and 183cm long. Each goal has a goalkeeper. The field has 5 parts. The bluelines are the attack-, the Neutral-, and the Defence zone.
Every player can go everywhere on the ice, except on the neutral field age the door.


*Time-out*: every team has one time-out of 30 seconds in one game

*Penalty shot*: the performer can move from the middle line, to the goalkeeper, and try to shoot a goal, but he isn't allowed to go back. The Penalty shot ends after a shoot. The game will be continued with a Bully.

*Bully*: One player from each teams goes in the middle and tries to get the puck.

*Offside*: While playing to the opposite goal at the same time as the puck must cross the line before or opponent player or at the same time with the first attacked player the blue line.

*Icing*: Is when the puck crosses the red middle line and the opposing goalline directly or indirectly. Then the referee will whistle because of the No-Touch-Icing-Rule.

It isn't allowed to shoot or pass the puck with a high-sticking (over theshoulder height) and to pass with the hand, too.

*Penalty:*Small penalty (2 min) / small bank penalty (2 minutes against the team)

* Small to medium fine / penalty Bank (2 + 2 min)

* Medium + disciplinary punishment (2 + 10 min)

* Large penalty (5 min + automatically playing Disciplinary Punishment)

* Disciplinary penalty (10 min)

* Run-disciplinary punishment (possibly playing + game lock (s))

* Match Penalty (5 min + + Run at least 1 game ban)

* Penalty shot (penalty)

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