Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Kemnath - another village near Neumarkt

Hi students and teachers from Mallorca,

My name is René and I´m 14 years old.
I´m from Kemnath, that´s a very small but nice village in Bavaria, near Neumarkt. There I can do things like:
- go to the open air swimming pool,
- go to one of our three playgrounds
and as there is a wonderful and exciting natural forest me and my friends are planning to build a tree house there.
I’ve been living in Kemnath (there are 1000 people living) since 13 years, before I lived in Nuremberg the second biggest city in Bavaria.
My hobbies are: writing letters, driving my bike and listening to the latest song charts.
My school (Staatliche Knabenrealschule Neumarkt i.d Opf) is the BEST, although it´s only a boy school but the teachers are the best they are just cool.
My school is so popular that we needed to construct an annex with six more classrooms in it.
We have over 40 teachers and over 800 pupils.
We can buy our lunch at school. Most of the pupils come by bus. I must go over 10 kilometres by bus. After school I mostly go to the city center in Neumarkt to do some shopping (-:
I hope you can understand my text.
Soon I will send you some photos of my village.


René Daller, class 8d, KRS Neumarkt

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