Monday, 12 January 2009

Pilsach - a village near Neumarkt - my favourite place

In my opinion the nicest place in the Oberpfalz is "Pilsach".Pilsach is a little village near "Neumarkt" in Bavaria. It*s near the place where I live with my family and my pets. The reason why I like Pilsach so much is because all my friends are living there. Some of them I know scine I was a little child. The only things that you can do in this little village is hanging around with friends and driving with the scooters through the forest. You can also watch a garden which teaches you about flowers and trees. This garden is near the lovely church wich you can see on the picture.

Around Pilsach there are a lot of green areas.Maximilian Odörfer 8 d KRS-Neumarkt

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