Friday, 16 January 2009

An ecological swimming pool!

Hi today I was at the ecological swimming pool in Kemnath.
The pool has been here for a long time but many things have changed.
The water now is frozen, so you can go ice-skating. The pool has a chute and two footbridges.
At the edge reed was planted. In spring there swim small newts and water Springer "jump" on the water. The water no longer contains chlorine or other chemicals.
A few years ago, the swimming pool was not as natural as it is now;
once the floor was made of concrete, which after a long time has been cracked and water expired. Now the soil is kind of a plastic film, which is very slippery in the summer.
The whole area around the pool is free of charge. Moreover, the bath has got a baby pool, where there is the water is not any deeper than 40cm.
There is also a large playground with trampolines, 2 swings, a sandbox, a rocker and a kind of water playground that looks like a stream; this stream runs into the baby pool and after that into the main pool. The water is "regenerated" in about 100 m distance.
Again, there is a sled hill were you also can sled.
Right next to the hill, there is a miniature golf course with a basketball court. The outdoor pool is now even more natural as it was then, but behind a partition wall was cleared a large area, where many trees once stood )-;.
You can always find in summer the staff of the Water Watch, a rescue team which is based there to watch the swimmers.
Incidentally, the bath at various depths for nonswimmer (0.70 m-1, 35m) and swimmers (0.70 m-2, 70m) have been built and is designed for people who love the beach and the like nature. On the site we can not ride a bicycle, and no dogs are allowed.
For even more security this year were 2 cameras installed. Unfortunately today, I could no longer take pictures, because it is too dark, but images follow.
That's all for today!!
bye bye René
class 8d, KRS Neumarkt

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Renè, you've done a great job so far!