Thursday, 22 January 2009

Nuremberg Central Station

Hi it's me again - Daniel!
Today I want to tell you sth. about the Nürnberg central station.
Nürnberg is a metropolis very close to our city (Neumarkt);
it takes about 20-30 minutes to go there by train.
The train station is not just a normal train station.
There are 21 tracks and every day there travel about 130,000 people with 466 trains.
It is 20.214 m² big and has 4 Flors.
The opening was in 1844.
In the trains station there is a shopping mall with about 60 stores.
You can go shopping there from 8 am to -9 pm.
You might go there and get a new hair cut or just sit in an internet café, do your bank businesses; there are various phone shops, flower stores and so on.
The building is 165 m large and 70 m wide and the highest point is 35 m high.
It also has a connection with the subway U2 and an s-bahn.

Daniel Dambietz, class 8d, KRS NM

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