Saturday, 17 January 2009

Something more about Neumarkt

Hi my name is Daniel,

and I live in Pölling which is a borough (more like a village) of Neumarkt.
I want to tell you sth. about me.
I am 14 years old, have got blue eyes, and I am 1.60m tall and have short hair.
My hobbies are volleyball, playing football on the street, cycling and chatting with my friends.
By the way I play volleyball on a team for a club here.
And I go to the Knabenrealschule Neumarkt which is actually a very nice school but - there aren’t girls!!
Next to our school - very close - there is the our city's open-air swimming pool.
It is 993 square meters big and designed for non-swimmers-, swimmers- and there is an adventure basin.
Close to our school is a little lake which is called "Schlossweiher" - "the castle's lake" and this lake is just next to our Girls school!

I hope my little text interested you.

Daniel Dambietz, class 8d, KRS Neumarkt

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