Monday, 19 January 2009

Möninger "Berg" (hill) - the secret place!!!!

Möniger Berg - The secret place!
Now I`ll tell you something about a secret place, where there is no noise and where you can do extreme sports, too.
Only a couple of people know, that you can do extreme sports there.
We ride with the bikes so fast, that we easily jump more than 3 meters wide.
On the Möinger "hill" there are a lot of trees and you can cycle there, if you are very good at cycling, but you must be careful.
There is no track anywhere,and you can you hurt yourself very quickly.
We don't wear a helmet. When we ride, we try to do some tricks and we have fun!
On the hill is a church from where you can have a wunderful view over the countryside.
There are events every year. For example there is a classic-concert.
The "mountain" is 600 meters high.
I can´t show pictures of us while cycling there at the moment, because everywhere is snow now so that we can't cycle. We don't ride our bikes whent it's raining either.
In winter you can sledge with sleighs or ski if there is enough snow.

Christoph Körner, class 8d, KRS Neumarkt

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