Thursday, 11 December 2008

La Reserva del Puig de Galatzó

My favourite place in Majorca is situated in the south-west of the island, in the municipal district of Puigpunyent, and called La Reserva del Puig de Galatzó.It is a place very green, there are waterfalls and you can have a lot of adventures. I like to go there with my family and my friends in the spring and summer. You can swim in any of the waterfall-pools there but what I really love is the adventure because with my friends I can go abseiling, climbing or crossing over rope-bridges. The animals, donkeys, rabbits and birds can be touched and fed. At mid-day there is a show with birds of prey and there you can have a picnic with all the family and friends in a special place were you can make a fire and have a barbecue. This is my favourite place to spend a good day.

Natàlia Garaña Cunill
Col·legi Madre Alberta


Ötzi's Group said...

Hallo Natàlia,
my name ist Jürgen. I'm one of the teachers from Bavaria participating in the Comenius project.
When you say, that you love the region around Galatzó, I can understand this very well. At Eastertime in the Year 2001 I had been there with my family. My daughters Nina and Theresa enjoyed most feeding a peacock near the way down to the fireplace. So perhaps at our next visit to the marvellous island of Mallorca, we get to look, what is new in the reservation.

nataliaa said...

Hello Jürgen my name is Natalia. I´m 16 years old,I have no bothers and no sisters, I live with my parents in the center of the city and I have a very small dog. I´m happy that you have writte to me. Our school is very big and it is called name: "Madre Alberta" and all of us are girls, but boys are also starting to come to this school. We are happy that you are going to visit us.