Thursday, 9 July 2009

by Maex Böhm, class 8d, KRS

Big Daddy My favourite film is called „Big Daddy“. In this film are popular actors for example “Adam Sandler”. It is a very funny movie. The movie is about Sunny who is played by Adam Sandler. One day a little boy called Julian stands in front of Sunny’s house with a letter in his hands. The letter says that Julian is the child of his roommate but his roommate is on a business trip.Sunny wants to put Julian in a house for homeless kids but on this day there was a holiday and Julian and Sunny spend the day together. On this day Sunny notices that he likes the little boy and he says to other people that he is the father of Julian but this is not the truth. Sunny makes no boarders for Julian. Because of this Julian gets in a vulgar manner. Later on he wants to visit the school but if he really wants this he has to change his bad language into good language.

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