Thursday, 9 July 2009

by Maex Böhm, class 8d, KRS


Hi I`m Maex from Postbauer-Heng that’s in Bavaria (Germany) and I want to tell you something about my favourite rapper.

He is called Pitbull.

At first I want to tell you about his life.

Pitbull was born in Miami, Florida on 15. January 1981.

His real name is Armando Christian Pérez and he`s a Cuban -American rapper and he sings often in English but he also sings Spanish.With his song „culo“ he became famous.He brought out five Albums:2004: M.I.A.M.I. (Money Is a Major Issue) 2005: Welcome to the 305 2005: M.I. Still A.M.I (Money Is Still a Major Issue) 2006: El Mariel 2007: The Boatlift My favourite song from him is Te Querio. Here is the link if you want to listen to it. Pitbull - Te Quiero

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