Thursday, 9 July 2009

My name is Fabian, I’m 16 years old and I attend the 10th class of the secondary modern school in Neumarkt, Germany. I wrote this article already during the Easter Holidays in Bavaria and because of that I was able to relax, to meet friends and to listen to music … the whole day.
In the following sentences I’m going to introduce my favourite singer and songwriter to you. His name is Paolo Nutini, born in Paisley on the 9th January of 1987. The 23-year old lives in Scotland with his family. The boy with Italian origin (because of his father), wanted to become a popular musician all over the world, since he was a child.

The style of music … you can describe it as Indie Rock but there’re still influences of other artists, like Oasis, the Beatles and David Bowie, for example.
The first album he produces with Atlantic Records is named “These Streets” with ten top songs. The songs, I like the most are “Jenny don’t be hasty” and “Rewind”. They are all about love and the everyday live.
The last two years he has worked on a new album called “Sunny Side Up”, which will be released in June.
I play the guitar strings too, so I hope, that there’re many summer and sun hits on the CD to play them at the beach and the sea in summer time.
But not every country knows him as a big artist. So he isn’t very famous in countries such as Spain and even Germany. That’s a pity, I think!
Ad because of his less success he hasn’t got a lot of concerts in Germany the next time L I hope that it will be changed soon.

But in my eyes, he’s one of the greatest singers and songwriters all over the world and I will never stop listening to his marvellous music.

If you want to get further information about Paolo Nutini or to buy the new album in June, please visit his homepage:

I hope you like my short report about Paolo and I’m looking forward to reading reports about you and your favourite bands or singers.

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