Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Cala Petita

It’s not easy to choose a place in Majorca as my favourite one. There are many places I love in this island. Some islanders use to call it “sa roqueta” , the little rock, in an affectionate way.

Perhaps one of them is a cove called Cala Petita. Its name means "tiny cove".

When the water is calmed and the streams run in the right direction, you can find there extremely crystalline and calmed waters.

Cala Petita is a virgin cove, that means there are no bars, no parking area, and no crowds of noisy people around. If you know the way to go, fortunately there are no signals, it’s only fifteen minutes from the streets of Portocristo, Yes, the town where Rafa Nadal relaxes during his short holidays between tournaments and where he is rather known as “Rafelet”  than the ATP's number one.

Perhaps if you go there you can find Rafa quietly fishing from the top of a defence tower placed at the edge of the cove and built during World War II.

On its surroundings you can find earth turtles and hedgehogs. If you have a swim early in the morning you can say hello to a couple of cormorants that use to visit the cove.

Toni Martín

Madre Alberta Comenius Team


nissl.undso said...

The colore of the water looks great!

Elena y Sandra said...

it's like a paradise

Sandra and Elena.

Elena y Sandra said...

I like this beach because it's like a paradise and with the sun and the sound of the waves i can relax a lot.