Monday, 9 March 2009

Jaime III

Jaime III is one of the most famous streets of Palma de Majorca. It’s located in the centre of the town. It has a lot of shops and departments stores. It’s one of the streets that all the tourists visit. There you can find all types of clothes, shoes and accessories. If it is raining you don’t get wet because part of its pavements are under arcs. Whenever you go there you will find many people. I like very much shopping there. Next to Jaime III is Borne where are located more shops. Sometimes I go there with my friends and we take a lot of photos. Also we sometimes go to Can Joan de S’aigo. This is a Cafe and you can take some typical food, per example: ice-cream, hot chocolate, “ensaimadas”...
If you come to Majorca don’t forget to visit this place.

Mónica Gracia
Col·legi Madre Alberta

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