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In the team of the Straubing Tigers are 22 players. The half of them are Canadians and the other players are from Germany and two are from America.
Eric Meloche is the captain and is from Canadia. Bob Manno is the trainer and the second trainer is Georg Franz. Mike Bales is the first goalkeeper.
They went into the DEL(Deutsche Eishocky Liga) in 2006. At the moment they are on place 13 and they aren't in the Play-off's.
Bob Manno: (coach)· He was born on 31. October 1956 in Otario near the Niagara Falls.· He is half an Canadian and half Irland.· He is trainer since 29. November 2007.
Eric Meloche: (captain)· He was born on 1.Mai 1976 in Lachute .· He is 178cm tall and weight 92kg.· He scores 73 scores in the DEL.
written by Marco Koller, Andreas Weißmüller, Carl-Jonas Schubert and Daniel OrelThe history of the Straubing Tigers:
In winter at the beginning of the 1940s children played on a lake near the powder tower and delivered games like icehockey. As a founder of icehockey in Straubing counts the 14-year-old Max Pielmaier at that time.
In the middle of the second world war he formed with his 16-year-old friends Max Pelkofer and Harry Poiger a young team.
At the 1st February, 1942 it came to the 1. point game in the history of Straubing as they played for the area championship.
After the Hitler youth at the new organisation from the Straubing Tigers they decided to join the TSV 1861 Straubing. In 1981 the icehockey department separated from the TSV in 1861 and played under the name EHC Straubing.
After 21 years - in April, 2002 Straubing EHC hadn't any money.
After that the professional departments separated and founded the Straubing Tigers.
In 2005/2006 the Tigers came in the first league called (DEL)

The Arena of the TIGERS

Construction time
In November, 1967 the ice stadium was initiated. At the beginning it only was an ice surface with rostrums, but without roof. After the season 1975/76 they started the construction of the roof and to the season 1976/77 the roof was finished. The ice stadium in the powder tower was beside the Curt Frenzel stadium in Augsburg the only half-open stadium in the highest German ice-hockey class, the German hockey league, because the facade was not closed to the east.
This side of the stadium was closed in summer 2008 by a building measure whose end was delayed by arson in July, 2008 till October. It was built by Straubing TSV, the predecessor's association of the EHC.
The stadium now is in the possession of the city of Straubing. The stadium was modernised constantly, for example, by the new building of the south rostrum in the season 2001/2002 which also contains the new player's cabins.
Since 24th October 2008 the stadium is closed and thereby the capacity has changed. Today the stadium has a capacity of 5,800 places from what 4.436 standing places and 1.364 seats are (+400 VIPs).
The urban ice stadium was named after the nearby powder tower. The powder tower was a part of the medieval city walls, it is as a relic of the city fortification at their northwest end. In it the gunpowder stocks were stored since the 13-th century.

– all preparatory plays free
– all home matches of the double round DEL, in the VVK price 3 point plays, in addition, freely
– all cup home matches freely
– no stress with the advance booking -
– no queuing at the box-office

Capacity Whole: 5. 800
standing places: 4. 436
seats: 1. 364
Vip places: 400


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