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Her real name is Paz Campos Trigo, but she choose the artistic name of her grandmother. She began the studies of Information Science, but decided to leave and move to Madrid to devote herself to the interpretation. Her early work done in the television were the series: "Más que amigos", "Compañeros" or "siete Vidas". Her first major film role was on the film "Lucia y el sexo" (2001) by Julio Medem.

During the same year, also acts in the film Sergi López "Sólo mía" by Javier Balaguer. She was nominated for the Goya Awards in 2002 for both interpretations, getting the prize for Best Actress for her work on the orders of Medem. In 2002 she had a brief participation in "Hablé con ella" by Pedro Almodovar, and was also one of the protagonists of “Al otro lado de la cama” by Emilio Martínez Lázaro.

On May 30, 2008 received a medal from the city of Seville in recognition of her work.
In October 2008 she incorporated to the serie LEX, starring with her old companionof siete vidas, Javier Cámara, for a collaboration in some episodes.

I liked her performance in the serie siete vidas, I saw it and I never lost any episodes, it was very funny and her character “Laura” was very funny. In my opinion she acts very well.

Adelaida Hernaiz
Col·legi Madre Alberta

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