Monday, 27 April 2009

My favourite band is Estopa

Estopa are a popular Spanish rock/rumba duo from Cornellà, Spain. The band consists of the two brothers José and David Muñoz, who sing using a unique combination of sounds reflecting many genres, including rock, rumba, flamenco, and “sonido callejero" – street sound that does not easily fit into any category. The band has commented on such difficulties by stating the following: "We don't like to be classified easily." They are similar to the band “Los Chichos”, a rumba band from Spain, popular in the 1970s.
José Muñoz is the younger brother, born in 1978. He plays the guitar for Estopa and sings backing vocals, as well as lead vocals on a few songs. He is not married. David Muñoz is the older brother, born in 1976. He is the lead singer and also plays some guitar. He is generally the more outgoing of the two, and likes to read. He is married.

The website is:

Belen Dalmau
Col·legi Madre alberta

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