Monday, 20 April 2009

Penélope Cruz:

She was born in April in 1074 in Alcobendas, Madrid. As a child she was already imitating TV commercials. She studied classical ballet for nine years. She was trained by Angelo Garrido. She first became famous when she appeared in ``La fuerza del destino´´ and in a Italian serial called ``Rose´´.
Her first films were ``Jamón, jamón´´ , ``Belle Epoque´´ and ``All about my mother´´ for which she won academy awards.
She worked in America from 2001 to 2004. After that she returned to Europe where she won the David di Donatello award in an Italian film ``Don´t move´´.
She speaks Spanish, French, English and Italian and she is compared for her beauty to the most famous actresses like Sofia Loren.

My favourite Spanish film of Penélope Cruz is ``Volver´´ by Pedro Almodóvar which was released in 2006.
The film is about Raimunda (Penélope Cruz), her daughter, Paula, and her sister, Sole, who travel from Madrid to their native village to visit the graves of their parents and aunt, who died on a fire many years ago.
Then they visit aunt Paula, an old senile aunt who brought up Raimunda after her parents death. The old lady says that their aunt is alive and living with her, but they don´t believe her.
They return to Madrid and one day Raimunda finds her daughter waiting for her at the bus stop very upset. She confesses that she killed her father Paco, who was drunk and tried to rape her. While Raimunda is hiding Paco’s body, Sole calls her to tell that their aunt Paula had died. Is in that moment when the situation changes and the past returns (volver), full of mystery and suspense.
When Sole comes back after the funeral in Madrid she finds her mother hidden in the trunk of the car and she takes her to her apartment where secrets from the past are disclosed.
Finally Raimunda discovers her mother is alive. Is her mother who burnt the house because her husband was sleeping with her sister.
Paco wasn´t Paula´s father. Raimunda had been raped by her own father when she was young.

I liked this film because it was a blend of comedy, tragedy and thriller.
The actors were well chosen for their parts and the plot was interesting. The script was well written, but most of all I liked fantastic performance of Penélope Cruz. One doesn´t get tired of watching her.
Laura Ferrer
Col·legi Madre Alberta

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