Monday, 9 February 2009


In Elsass, the town I prefer is Colmar.

It’s a beautiful town, and the prefecture of the Haut-Rhin.

In spite of its 67 000 inhabitants, Colmar is a human size town: it’s not too big, and not too narrow.

Colmar is a flowered town, where it’s pleasant to walk in summer in the many pedestrian streets. Colmar is crossed by the Ill, a tributary of the Rhin, that gives its her name of “Petite Venise”.

We can add to it that Colmar is the driest town of the France, where it “never” rains! The eternal sun is reflected by the bright colours of fronts of half-timbered houses.

Colmar has a rich heritage. Frederic August Bartholdi, the man who built the Statue of the Liberty, was born in Colmar!! For the occasion, a “mini” Statue of the Liberty has been placed in Colmar.

Colmar is so an alive town, with festivals and pleasant to live!


Mélodie Wachtel

Lycée Jean d'Arc


Marco Costa said...

Excellent blog! congratulations!

maRiaaa Arbós said...

hi!! I like the place that you have chosen is very nice and seems to be calm I would like to visit it some day :)

bye bye maria from spain :D

eLenaaa said...

i wish you're coming to meet you :D

max said...

it looks very interesting :)