Monday, 16 February 2009

Porto Colom

Porto Colom is my favourite place.
I spend every summer there. It has a lot of tourism because of its beautiful and relaxing beaches. Many of the hotels there are small, but very intimate. Also, there are many typical restaurants from different countries. Furthermore, it has a lot of discotheques and karaokes to enjoy during the nights. It is a place to meet people at swimming pools, parties and beaches.
In this page you will find some information about Porto Colom like prices of hotels, how to get to the most relaxing beaches, and the different types of excursions that you can realize.
In this page you will have information about Cala D’Or. It is a beautiful place near Porto Colom where you can also relax and enjoy its different restaurants and parks.

Neus Nicolau 3ºESO C
Col·legi Madre Alberta

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