Friday, 27 February 2009



A report about the school band of the KRS-Neumarkt

At our school, there are four school bands.
This report is about the first school-band.

We are five guys of the tenth class and our favourite hobby is, to make music.

We`re called “the fake tales”.
The head of the band is Mrs. Garcia, one of the three music-teachers at our school.

But she will leave us soon because she will become a mother.
The frontsinger of the band is called Lukas.

He is 15 years old and he also plays the Rhythmguitar. He is playing the guitar since he was eleven and it`s really nice to listen to his guitarplay.

On the Leadguitar there is Stefan.

He plays the guitar since he was eleven years old too.
Up to now he is 16 years old and he is a great musician.

Jan is 15 years old, and its his job to make the bass sounds.

Besides that he takes care of making jokes and he always is able to make the band laughing.

Sebastian 17 years, and Bastian 16 years are the two drummers in the band.

Yes, that’s very uncommon for a band but it`s no problem.
Both of them love it to produce loud sounds and so it`s secondary who of them has more skills.

We all have a big friendship and that’s the reason why we are polled so good on each other and so I think I`m right if I say that we are playing well together.
We are influenced by the typical American and English artists like the
Red Hot Chili Peppers, the Ramones or Eric Clapton.

But we think its very important to present German bands like Madsen for example.

We just enjoy it and we always train hard to play the songs exactly like the famous bands.
Last year we had the idea to take three days just to work on the Coversongs and on the program for our schoolcarnival.

We got the permission from our director.
Now we actually passed these three days two weeks ago and we all miss it.

It was a great time for us to play music all day long und we had very much fun. But now we are back in the usual life, sitting at school and preparing for the final exams.That’s it.

So we say goodbye and let the good times roll…!

Love & Peace,

The fake tales


a said...

I like music yeaaaaaah

your band is cool

Is anybody of the band coming to Majorca

a said...

I think that the band is very cool and good, you know how is Kevin Otz, thank's:)