Tuesday, 24 February 2009


My favourite place is Valldemossa. I don’t live there, but it is place where I like to go with my family.

Valldemossa is very nice when it rains.

I use to go there in winter when it snows and it’s even more beautiful than in summertime that its crowded of tourists.

In Valldemossa you can taste the famous coca de patata (sweet cake made from potatoes) and drink a mug of hot chocolate.

I always go to this village with my family we go to a typical place to eat and drink the local specialities.

There is also a very beautiful garden which is like a small labyrinth.

You can also find typical souvenirs in its shops.

Every year the students of 3rd Secondary go to Valldemossa and I like it very much.


Elena Valverde


Col·legi Madre Alberta

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