Thursday, 19 February 2009

My favourite place: The palace of The Almudaina.

The Real Palace of the Almudaina, situated in front to the Cathedral on the ancient walls, was built after the Catalan conquest of the XIII century . During the centuries XIII and XIV was the residence of the kings of Mallorca and after that, the residence of the governators. In 1963 the works of restoration of the palace started and nowadays is used both as a museum and as an official site to celebrate ceremonies and receptions of the King of Spain during summer time.

Inside I can highlight the following rooms: the Playground of the King, the Gothic chapel of Santa Anna, the hall of the Throne, the chapel of Saint ‘Jaume’ and some bathrooms of the Islamic period.

I have chosen this place like my favourite one because a few years ago I went with my grandfather to visit it and it carries me good regards.

Adelaida Hernaiz Martorell
Col·legi Madre Alberta

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