Monday, 9 February 2009

The European tower, her Gourmet Restaurant and her “Mall”.

The European tower is one of the well-known symbol of Mulhouse. Built in 1969 to 1972, she was inaugurated in 1973 by the mayor of Mulhouse, Emille Muller.

History: the European Tower is 112 meters

meters per second. One is especially made to desserve the gourmet restaurant at the last floor.

A “Built-in” Gourmet Restaurant:

The restaurant is situated at the last floor. Only gourmet meal with a panoramic view on all the town.

Meat, vegetables, duck liver, salmon on toasts, Caesar salad, pasta, Italian meals, and everything good. For dessert, all flavours available; chocolate cake, fruits of season etc…Just three words: Enjoy your meal!

A brand new “French Mall”:

Since the 17th October 2008, an all new commercial center is on the road. It is made of 50 stores and restaurants. 600 places of parking and more than 19.000m² of fun.

My Words:

The European Tower is a very important symbol of our town. It’s a very funny & cool place where you can eat, talk, buy, with all the complicity of french people!

The European Tower is the real crossroads of Europe: Germany, Swiss and France.


Kévin Simon

Lycée Jean d'Arc

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Adelaida13 said...

This place looks funny. I have liked this text is very interessant and cool.

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