Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Our Christmas

We are going to explain the celebration of Christmas in Spain: traditions, details, meals...

First we’re going to start with:

-Important dates (when everybody has got holidays):

·24th Decemberà Christmas Eve, we celebrate a dinner and we go to the

midnight mass.

·25th Decemberà This day Jesus Christ was born. We have a special lunch.

·28th Decemberàthe day of the Holy Innocents. We spend tricks on people.

·31st Decemberàis the last night of the year. We have dinner with our family and we dance and sing all night. Young people usually have fun parties. When the clock sounds at 00:00 everybody eats twelve grapes to the rhythm of bells. This event is called New Year’s Eve.

5th Januaryàat night, children wait for the magic kings to come
6th Januaryà children who have been good get presents from the magic kings but those who not, receive sweet coal. These presents are put under the tree. With the family we can eat a special cake which has a little dummy and a bean. Who finds the dummy is the winner and who finds the bean pays the cake.
-Main meals: stuffed soup, prawns, stiff with spinning egg.
-Desserts: ‘polvorones, turrón’
-Condiments: toasted chestnuts (we toast it in the fireplace at the end of the dinner with our family)

Marta Riutort
Isabel Dameto
Col·legi Madre Alberta

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