Monday, 21 December 2009

Xmas in my family II

Before the night of the twenty-fourth of December we usually decorate the house with a Christmas tree and with a Christmas crib and more decorations that we put in the house.
The night of twenty-fourth all the families meet in a house and they go to the midnight mass, where there are people that sing Xmas songs. In our school, for example, we celebrate the midnight mass, and a lot of people go there every year with their families and you can saw a short interpretation of the birth of the child Jesus.Then we go to our houses where we have dinner all together,is tipical eat Christmas soup like starter and suckling pig like a main course. When we finish to have dinner we open the presents that Santa Claus put near the Christmas tree,but Santa Claus is not very typical here. A lot of people celebrate Santa Claus day but is bigger the celebration of the sixth of January, when the three Wise Men come with a lot of presents,and is tipical eat the twisted roll of kings, these is a dessert that is a donut-shaped cake inside it you can find in your piece of food a bean and if you find it you have to pay the twisted roll of kings next year, but at the same time you can find a figure of a king and if you find you have to put a crown.
The next day we celebrate the Christmas day, we normally meet again with our family and we have lunch and we stay with our family all the day.
The twenty-sixth we make the same that the day of Christmas because we celebrate the second fest.

Another party is the last day of the year, all the people celebrate New’s Year Eve.

This is a funny day, the last twelve seconds in Spain we eat a grape for each second.

You always finish with all the grapes in your mouth, is so funny see all the people that can’t eat the grapes so quickly.

The last fest is in sixth of January,the Wise Men put the present at night on fith of December. But now the Santa Claus day is more similar because if you open the present on twenty-fourth of December you have more days to play with them.

Marina Daviu

4 ESO A Col·legi Madre Alberta

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