Monday, 14 December 2009


Christmas is a fantastic time for spanish community.

It starts on the night of the 24th of december with what we call in spanish "Noche Buena". It's a dinner. Around nine o'clock the family meet for the celebration. The typical meal is seafood soup, shrimps and turkey or fish. As dessert we have nougats. Some are made of chocolate, almonds, folk egg and sometimes coconut. During that night Santa Claus brings presents for everyone and leaves it under the tree.

The next day is the most important one. Family meet for lunch.
On the Balearic Islands we celebrate also a meal on the 26th.

All the city is illuminated with colorful lights, trees and the representation of the birth of Jesus. Also the houses are decorated.

Then comes the last day of the year. Many people go to the most important square of the city and waits until the bell sounds, others watch it in their houses. We dress up very smart and we have a great dinner. At twelve o'clock while the bell sounds we eat every second one grape until twelve. Many people go to bed that night around eight o'clock in the morning because they go out to celebrate it!!!

The next morning we celebrate the first day of the year. In some houses we eat lentils because they think it gives luck for the following year.

The last important day of christmas is coming. It is the day when the three Magic Kings come. The night before, on the 5th january they leave under the tree all the presents.
We go early to bed , around ten o'clock, very nervious. We put under the tree food and drinks for them and for the camels.
On the morning, we go to our parents bedroom and all together we go to see what the Kings had left us. If our behaviour has been good during the year, presents would be left, if not they leave us only sweet carbon.
Thanks Kings, as the last possibility had never happen to us!!!

Alejandra Fiol
Nieves Garcia
Col·legi Madre Alberta

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