Monday, 21 December 2009

Xmas in my family

First note that currently there have been some changes in the way of celebrating Christmas. Years ago we celebrated Christmas and Eve together with my mother's family, leaving the second Christmas party and the Magi to the paternal family. Eve is reserved for the four that are in my family.
Now we celebrate all festivals together, both the paternal and maternal family.

On Christmas Eve we all meeting in a house (each year we are changing), we make a lunch-dinner nibble (“pa amb oli” and stiff). Arriving about 11 in the night, we get in a circle and pick up a piece of paper which is written the title of the song that we sing. This is a typical night where grandparents tell their war stories again and embarrassing anecdotes from parents. It's a family night of enjoy and many, many laughs.

The next day is Christmas dinner at my grandmother’s, my grandmother, like every year, delights us with its delicious seafood soup with stuffed squid and, as second course, rabbit with baked potatoes and their secret sauce, which only I know my family do. After dinner we sat in the lounge and handed out gifts, my uncle wore Santa Claus and distributed them.

In Eve, as I said earlier we celebrate only the four in my house, cook dinner with my mother, a good stiff and smoked salmon that brings us some friends from Galicia, every year. Arriving eat twelve grapes and then by videoconferencing congratulate the whole family at once.

Finally the day of wise men make a meal in my house, first a cream of zucchini with pepper and after rack of lamb. Then my little cousins are the lane (ridden by my mother) of the Magi to find gifts.
So in short is how we celebrate Christmas every year.

Carmen Bestard

4 ESO A Col·legi Madre Alberta

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