Monday, 21 December 2009

Xmas in Spain

In mid-November you can start seeing Christmas trees where you walk, lights on the balconies and ornaments in the stores. Christmas carols are heard in supermarkets, toy stores and even at school. Is night very early and Christmas is near.

When we celebrate Christmas in Spain, families gather to share and enjoy the joy of this celebration. At this time emphasize a lot of ornaments and lights in many streets and houses. A symbol of Christmas, important in this country, is the Nativity scene is a representation of the birth of Jesus that you can see in shop windows and at the entrance of many houses. Also during these days you can hear the voices of children singing Christmas carols.

The most important days are:

24th DECEMBER, CHRISTMAS EVE: on this day we celebrate two traditions that are: making a special dinner in family with typical foods (turkey, a huge variety of seafood ...) and go to midnight Mass at 12 at night.

25th DECEMBER, CHRISTMAS: it is also often to have lunch in family and in some cases; Santa Claus visits the homes of some children to give them some presents.

31st DECEMBER, NEW YEAR: in all the squares of Spanish cities, you can see millions of people waiting for the clock to rings 12 hour, then for each chime they eat a grape.

6th JANUARY, THREE KINGS: is the favourite day of all children, the day that they are waiting impatient for their gifts. The previous day in the afternoon, you can see the Procession of the Three Kings and greet them. Then, before going to bed, children leave three glasses of champagne and a bit of nougat and they go to bed. Next day morning they discover the gifts. For lunch you buy a twisted roll of kings, a sweet pastry with a shaped ring, which contains a little surprise inside. It is said that the person who gets it will have lucky year.

Paula Estévez

4 ESO A Col·legi Madre Alberta

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